I am not able to deduce breed

I found this text on 20130718 while doing a Yahoo search in Beijing with the following keywords: “international grain board”. Yahoo came up with the results in the figure, where “I am not able to deduce breed” was N. 7. I assume this is the Yahoo equivalent of what Google understands by search results sorted by relevance.

That’s a strange text where none of the searched keywords is present: A computer translation of some Russian (?) piece of literature, used in lieu of the traditional Lorem ipsum? A pirated web site? Anything to do with the host country controlling the internet?

One of the characters in the text is Jadozub. I found “him”(?) in several webpages, including this one: http://redchinamagazine.com/ and in the Dawn of Majic. So there is some Chinese connection here, in addition to the Russian connection (A science fiction novel by the title of Heir to the dragon [thanks, GoogleTranslate!])… but what is it? Around lunch time on 20130718  the link was http://www.thegrainboard.com/ Let’s see how long it will last! 

I am not able to deduce breed


I am not able to deduce breed. I only am able to notice that already is. And that I here notice, is not pleasant to me.
Categorically!. “Something bad saw to it in this unpleasant child. Any promise of harm. And strahagent, actually, it in ` idenija did not challenge. He only believed that the promise takes place not”harms”, and”advantage”- titanic advantage for this world (” your world “, he spoke) -” zaevshegosja, opaskudevshego, rested by a champing snout in deadlock… “.
Such did not happen yet: the concentrated approach on senseja lasted two weeks. Parents – strahagent, again parents and again strahagent. Sensej has stood.
… When last time Robert spent strahagenta to an exit and has returned to an office gloomy sitting at a table sensej has asked it suddenly: “you can present yourselves this person round rozovenkim porosenochkom with short moustaches a small square and with kartavym a patter whimsical gogochki?” Robert has reflected and has told: no, it is impossible, the imagination does not suffice. “And at me too, – admitted sensej. – That with us does time!. And you can imagine me – harmonous as a poplar and with a black cloud of hair on a head? From under which it is not visible, by the way, it devil’s a clip, even to guess it it is impossible?” I can, Robert though and not at once has understood has fairly told, about what “clip”  there is a speech. “The flatterer, – has told to it sensej without a smile and has suddenly quoted Monroe (almost literally): – the Person does not vary throughout a life, it it becomes simple more and more similar to itself…” It has sounded convincingly, and Robert has decided not to ask, whom he means – or terrible strahagenta… And in what here business with – this bad girl, he too has decided not to ask better – let all goes the turn, in any case, sensej for certain knows that should be, and that is not present.
… But can be, just in that all and has put, what we do not work with a female? (He has allowed itself to think then.)
Hundred twenty seven mathematicians-physicists at us it has turned out (or hundred twenty eight? – If to consider and Velmata who has arisen during prehistoric times). And only three doctors, unanimously – cardiologists (why, by the way?).
Hundred twelve On trifles: humanists, critics there, the journalists, one writer… And any politician. And – the main thing – any teacher. Uniform! After all Marishka not the teacher, Marishka – detsadovskaja the teacher and in general – Mother. And there are more than girls in a set never also was not…
He continued to be by the window some time still, looking in a court yard. In a court yard of anything interesting it was not observed – predatory bony muzhiks in gangster knitted hats unloaded there a van with any huge cubic boxes. It would be much more interesting to look at Vadim: the heating I smother a show completely destroyed chelovechishki. Sad and kolenopreklonennogo. Crushed. However este – ticheski was correct to stand here so: a back, without looking and as though at all without seeing. In it there was “dramatic art”. He has asked (still without turning around): – Well, also what you want from me? – I do not know, – Vadim with melancholy has told. – I at all doors am pushed. At me the exit is not present.
Nevertheless? Than I can help you – the weak sick person? – Yes Grishka is fine to you. All know for a long time all.
What exactly do they know? What, actually, they can know? – Well – do not know. Well – guess.
In my opinion, we never with you were such friends, – Jadozub has told. – Or I am mistaken? – Whence to me the nobility? I always treated kindly you. It you have quarrelled with me, it is not known why…
Jadozub has turned at last and has stared deliberately. He has seen a pale small face with red stains on cheeks. A sad nose.
The slightly opened mouth with an uncertain half-smile. Asking eyes – it is perfect as at a hungry dog and quickly-quickly blink. And by the way, this here the little man has thought up to it a nickname of Jadozub. Tengiz offered sonorous, but very much exotic – “Olgoj-horhoj”, however “Jadozub” finally has won – fair competitive struggle. And it is correct. A nickname simple, but good, exact…

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  1. On 20140419 I got a comment to this webpage, which I’ll allow (below) in a minute. I first thought it to be spam, but I now have some doubts… after looking up the “Grainboard” website (http://www.thegrainboard.com/). To start with, the website became active in July 2013 and publishes very “soft” and completely unrelated material. How to describe it? Maybe “grey” or “neutral” is the best word. Why would a website publish unrelated and uninteresting stuff. What’s the purpose?

    Interestingly, there is now an “About us” link, which includes the following information:

    The Grain Board website was created to help share knowledge to those who seek anything from the small grains that fill the gaps in what we need to know to the large segments, the new discoveries so to speak. We offer a wide range for you to search from. The site was designed to be useful in finding the very best advice and current information on helping you succeed in your business or educational pursuits. We will direct you to the very best online resources. We realize that YOU insist upon the most effective ways and means of obtain facts, we offer you no cost smart critical reviews and resources of the finest information available today.

    Well, if that’s not “neutral”… But there is more:

    We really do not suggest any particular solution. Rather, our site is made to provide impartial advice in order to aid users in making an educated selection.

    This comes very close to a reply I wrote to another (obviously spam) comment received to the Mixing oil, water and food in Saudi Arabia post (the comment is the one published on 20130819 at 04:26): I have always wondered to what extent is it possible to write a text that says nothing, that has no discernible information (beyond implicit meta-information) while maintaining a logical structure apparently produced by a functioning mind.

    My personal feeling is that we just cannot maintain a high level of abstraction before we come down to earth again. And that’s specifically because we think in terms of physical categories and allegories: we sometimes have heavy feet, or I can take a weight off my mind, or I can do something light-heartedly… Clearly, these expressions have nothing to do with the laws of gravity; instead, they go back to the very early days when we humans started expressing our feeling, but resorting to terms borrowed from the familiar physical world.

    Somehow, it’s the words themselves that add substance because of various connotations. As if the empty and immaterial container (the text) were filled from the walls. It’s not unlike inventing a clay pot: something around nothing. Clearly, whoever invented the clay pot was a genius to have grasped this concept. This is very much what I say in another post about Naming the invisible: if you are confronted with something you don’t know or understand, just give it a name. It makes the unknown thing much tamer and familiar: now we can start using the thing. It is as if the language created the substance.

    Let’s come back to this concept of “text without a meaning.” The Grainboard website achieves his “nothingness” using another technique: actually talking about some substance, but doing so very superficially, cutting out all angles that might attract the attention of a chance visitor, to remain as grey and unobtrusive as possible. It’s fascinating! Is it intentional? And who’s behind it? Is someone doing an experiment in semantics?
    The WordPress email informing me about the post has the following

    information: E-mail : XXXX@yahoo.com
    URL : http://YYYY.wordpress.com/
    Whois : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/zz.zz.zz.zz

    The URL points to a site that exists; the look and the wording confirm the science fiction connection. There a link to leave a comment, and several other links that I hesitate to activate without taking some precautions. Unfortunately, I recently had to switch to windows from linux and I do not trust the new computer: It just does too many things in my back (note another allegorical expression).

    The Whois link tells me that the Net Type is allocated to the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, but the APNIC site does not provide additional info. It does bring us closer to China, though!

    One of these days, I’ll drop them a line and ask. That will probably clarify much of the issue, while at the same time losing the fascination that was attached to the original “Grainboard”, and that’s Sad and kolenopreklonennogo. Crushed!

    PS 1: the new “Grainboard” site even has a privacy policy. Read it (to the end)!

    PS 2: the comment below had a link that apparently downloads some files. I have deactivated the link pending a closer examination.

  2. The only other reference of the exact text I could find by using some untranslated keywords is here:


    Which, it would appear, comes from a way bigger text:


    But Google translate can’t give me a clear read if it’s Lithuanian, Serbian, or Latvian… I’m certainly no language expert.. From what I gathered it’s from B.N.Strugackij which might be Boris Strugatsky, a Russian fiction writer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkady_and_Boris_Strugatsky))

    But yea, the page in itself is quite strange, nothing in the source code gives us any indication of what the purpose or reason is. Except that the character encoding used on the HTML is Windows-1251 which is specifically used for Cyrillic scripts (mostly Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian), even though there is no specific Cyrillic character on this page.

    The domain in itself is registered by a certain O. Grytsai, in Switzerland, who seems to own 66 other domain names under the email he registered this one for: http://www.webboar.com/whois-email/dotcom.laboratory@gmail.com

    Which leads me to think that the text is just some lorem ipsum indeed for domain trade. I didn’t check the other domains owned by that person, might lead to similar pages!

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