About Truth

I am ready to concede that “About Truth” is a very ambitious title((Long ago, I… read more

Published on 2023-05-19

Updated on 2023-05-21

Be my guest: save the Planet!

Almost 13 years ago I published a post with the title Projects that will (perhaps)… read more

Published on 2023-01-25

Updated on 2023-06-16

L’ extraordinaire durabilité du béton romain

Le béton romain (Opus caementicium) et l’ opus reticulatum m’ ont toujours frappé par leur… read more

Published on 2023-01-07

Updated on 2023-01-15

How many cranes flew over Budapest airport on 4 November 2022 ?

Source of picture: https://www.naturephoto-cz.com/photos/birds/grue-cendree-212130.jpg

By Marton Bussay (MB) and Wergosum Cranes and their migrations have been around forever. They… read more

Published on 2022-11-15

Updated on 2022-12-30

Du nouveau du côté de l’intelligence artificielle et de la multiplication des matrices

Nature, une des journaux Scientifiques les plus consultés, vient de publier un article intéressantissime: grâce… read more

Published on 2022-10-14

Updated on 2023-01-08

Troubles du Déficit de l’Attention: les chasseurs sont parmi nous

Les TDAH, Troubles du Déficit de l’Attention (avec ou sans hyperactivité, aussi ATDH) sont en… read more

Published on 2016-03-14

Updated on 2023-01-08

The three rules of crop yield forecasting

When they have been in a business long enough, “experts” often develop a gusto for the more… read more

Published on 2014-07-27

Updated on 2022-08-14

Statistical Vs. agronomic significance in crop monitoring and forecasting

We all develop rules of thumb that help us make operational decisions. One of my… read more

Published on 2014-03-31

Updated on 2022-06-15

The return of the overbite

By Anna-Giulia, Eric, Jacques and Wergosum [First published on 20130217; updated 20130328] The idea for… read more

Published on 2013-02-17

Updated on 2022-06-15

Mixing time series and cross-sectional data

As I was updating a couple of things in another corner of this blog,  I… read more

Published on 2013-01-20

Updated on 2022-06-15

The risky business of forecasting

Forecasting the future is a difficult task, as there are many more ways to be… read more

Published on 2012-10-30

Updated on 2023-01-08

What, if anything, happened during the Neolithic?

First published 20121020 / Last updated 20121028 Bread is one of the most typical products… read more

Published on 2012-10-20

Updated on 2023-01-08

God(s) explained, somehow!

(Published 20100908 / Last updated 20121019) — As a student, I read  an article by… read more

Published on 2012-10-10

Updated on 2023-01-08

The cost of hunger and malnutrition

Malnutrition remains the world’s most serious health problem and the single biggest contributor to child… read more

Published on 2012-07-17

Updated on 2023-01-08

Naming the invisible

Published 20091223/Last updated 20131218 with the quote from Stefan Zweig under “additional information.” … as… read more

Published on 2012-03-15

Updated on 2023-01-14

News from the future

Version française, cliquez ici. After “The risky business of forecasting“, which focused on  natural disasters,… read more

Published on 2011-11-21

Updated on 2023-01-08

Driven into the mountains…

While writing the post on mountain climate(s), I wanted to provide examples for the severity… read more

Published on 2011-11-15

Updated on 2022-06-15

Are all EC and UN languages really needed

An estimate of the percentage of the world population that speaks a UN language, either as a native or a second language. Based on this link.

While writing the “fun” post below on Eurobabel, I collected some data on the actual… read more

Published on 2011-10-15

Updated on 2022-06-15

Climate-crop impacts: some data issues

1. Introduction (*) Crop-climate interactions are of relevance for a number of applications, in food… read more

Published on 2010-05-13

Updated on 2022-06-15

Exegesis of a scary and – therefore – often quoted passage from the second book of AR4 (II AR4, 9.4.4)

Updated 20111007 This post explains how a vague and unsubstantiated statement in a non-peer reviewed… read more

Published on 2010-02-05

Updated on 2022-06-15

How difficult it is to be a climatologist…

Just  before COP-15 took place in Copenhagen in December 2009, unknow people broke into the… read more

Published on 2009-12-10

Updated on 2022-06-15

Tout Service chez nous et disponible

J’ai recu par email, il y a déjà quelque temps, cette publicité du “mage” marocain… read more

Published on 2009-05-24

Updated on 2022-08-14