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The “books” listed here are mostly lengthy articles from various Internet sources, including newspapers and magazine articles. They are formatted as PDFs with a font size of 32 pt and little or no margin. Titles are usually 48 pt and comments, notes etc 24 pt. I have started preparing those “books” about 10 years ago and there have been some changes in the formatting.

There are some recurrent categories in the documents below, e.g. languages, religion/spirituality without god, Xi’ s surveillance paradise, imminent financial and ecological disasters, history s.l. etc. If anyone “out there” should be interested, I could add a column with categories. But this would actually make sense only if the table were sortable based on columns. This does not seem to be feasible with the technology I am currently using.

Full source of each document is given in the document. If there should be some copyright issues, kindly let me know. I’ll remove the offenders immediately!

NumberLanguageTitleAuthor(s)Year of publicationGenre & commentsDownload linkOther
1ENGHeart of
Joseph Conrad1899An early classic of anti-colonial literatureDarknessAlthough this is not mentioned in the book, the action takes place in the Belgian Congo
2FRALa conquête du painPierre Kropotkine1892Pain
3FRAL’Entraide, un facteur de l’évolutionPierre Kropotkine1902Entraide
4ENGGrand technological challengesNational Academy of Engeneering, US2005Engineering challenges for the 21st centuryChallengesSometimes very naive
5FRAFaut-il prendre l’effondrement au
Hubert Guillaud2015Effondrement
6FRAHoax climatiqueStéphane Foucart2015HoaxUn petit inventaire de légendes urbaines qui avaient cours en 2015
7FRALimites de la croissance Matthieu Auzanneau2015Cette fois, le
loup est là
8ENGThe end of capitalism has begunPaul Mason2015Capitalism
9ENGThe real big oneKathryn Schulz2015An eartquake will destroy a sizeable part of the NW (US)Quake
10FRAAu-delà de l’écosocialismeJason W Moore2015Une théorie des crises dans
l’écologie-monde capitaliste
11ENGCyberwarSteve Ranger2017A guide to the frightening future of online
12ENGTe Evolutionary Argument
Against Reality
Aman?a Gefer2016Our perceptions of an independent
reality must be
13ENGKim’ s bombEarl Lane2012BombIt wasn’t quite sure in 2012 if Kim’ s bomb was real
14ENGThe EU and the WorldAntonio Missiroli, editor2016A contribution of the EU Institute for Security
15ENGIs Beijing Adopting an
Ethnonationalist Foreign
Harry Krejsa and Anthony Cho2017ChinaIn 2017, some people were still asking the question…
16ENGChina’s Return
to Strongman
Minxin Pei2017The Meaning of Xi Jinping’s Power
17ENGThe seven megatrends that
could beat global warming
Damian Carrington2017The tide is finally
turning, thanks to innovations ranging
from cheap renewables to lab-grown
meat and electric airplanes
MegatrendsWell… that was 2017.
18ENGDo civilisations collapse?Guy D Middleton2017CollapseThe idea that the Maya or Easter
Islanders experienced an apocalyptic
end makes for good television but bad
19ENGChina’s Cover-UpOrville Schell2017Rewriting history in ChinaRewritingIt’ s all part of the game
20FRALes 32 bons métiers de la Cité de
Asssembled from multiple sourcesAround 2020Fèvres, charliers, cherwiers et les autresMétiers
21ENGAn Indian NightmareMilan Vaishnav2010Is New Delhi Ready
for the Twenty-First
22DEUSieben Tage babylonischAlexander Lenard2018Sieben exotische SprachenBabilonisch
23ENGThe New Age of SailDmitry Orlov2006Keep a sailing boat in your survival kit!Sail
24ENGUnderstanding China’ s rise under Xi JinpingKevin Rudd2018A comprehensive overview RuddComprehensive and biased, of course
25ENGCould an Industrial Prehuman
Civilization Have Existed on
Earth Before Ours?
Steven Ashley2018PrehumanThis is NOT a stupid question
26ENGReflections on How We Live out LivesWalter G. Moss2018Life
27ENGHow Nations Stay TogetherAndreas Wimmer2018NationsIndeed, relatively few fall apart
28FRATaoïsme économique ou
nouvel impérialisme ?
Vivien Fortat2017Les nouvelles routes de la
soie de Xi Jinping
29ENGWhen China Rules the WebAdam Segal2018Technology in the service of the StateXinternet
30ENGThe unreality of luckSteven Hales2020Does luck even
31ENGFinancial crisisSeveral authors2016-2018Documents from Foreign AffairsCrisis
32ENGHiding in Plain SightJonathan Cook2018Why we cannot see the system destroying usPlain-sight
33ENGHow to adapt to the end of the worldChristopher Flavelle2018Researchers are thinking about social
collapse and how to prepare for it
eowAnd the winner is … climate, of course.
34ENGMysterious and
Mortiferous Clouds
Timothy P. Newfield2018The Climate Cooling
and Disease Burden
of Late Antiquity
35ENGWhen the state is unjust,
citizens may use justifiable
Jason Brennan2018Violence
36FRAInterview sans fards de
Komsomolskaïa Pravda
2018LavrovThat was well before the Ukraine war…
37ENGThere Is No
Such Thing as
Steve Ayan2018An interview of Peter CarruthersConsciousness
38ENGThe New Revolution in Military AffairsChristian Brose2018War’s Sci-Fi FutureSciFi-warFrankly, we don’ t see much of that in Ukraine
39ENGIn defence of disorderAlan Lightman2019We need disorder to flourishDisorder
40ENGThe Self-Destruction of
American Power
Fareed Zakaria2019Sometime in the last two years,
American hegemony died
USPowerSource: Foreign Affairs
41ENGClimate change and povertyUN Human Rights Council2019HumanRightThe right to development is a human right
42ENGThe collapse of civilizationsMalcolm H. Wiener2018The collapse of civilizations is BAUCollapseA historian’ s perspective
43DEUVier Lehren über Italiens
Georg Seeßlen2019Politische Clowns, Mafiosi, Faschisten
und Populisten
Italien… und Salvini!
44ENGLittle Ice Age LessonsDagomar Degroot2018Adaptation has been painfull beforeLIA
45ENGDonbas in flamesprometheus.ngo2019Includes good historical overviewDonbas
46ITAIl grande abissoPeter Engelund2010Uno Svedese in Finlandia nella 1a guerra mondialeAbisso
47FRA, ESPD’où viennent les
coronavirus ?
Sonia Shah2020Contre les pandémies, l’écologiePandémie
48ENGIt’s hard to fool a noseAnn-Sophie Barwich2020Our nose is an underrated sensorNose
49FRA, ENGData geopoliticsVarious sources2017-2020DataUn petit livre de lectures
50ENGCOVID-19 Superspreader
Events in 28 Countries
Jonathan Kay2020COVIDLearn about ballistic transmission of viruses
NumberLanguageTitleAuthor(s)Year of publicationGenre & commentsDownload linkOther
51ENGWho was Jack TarStephen Taylor2020About the history of ordinary seamenJackTarJack Tar was the nickmname or plain sailors
52ENG, DEUCovid-19 disinformation
made in China and Russia
Assembled by Wergosum from different sources2020MoreXiDisinfo
53ENGIs a Long-Dismissed
Forgery Actually the
Oldest Known Biblical
Jennifer Schuessler2021ShapiraReads like a spy story…
54ENGWe need highly formal
rituals in order to make life
more democratic
Antone Martinho-Truswell2020RitualPlease be seated. It’s dinner time in
St Paul’s College, Sydney…
55FRASanté publique dans le
Japon Meiji
Hashino Yukinori2020Deux textes sur l’ origine de la santé publique au JaponKorori
Frank Partnoy2020The U.S. financial system could be on
the cusp of calamity
USBanksByeThe collapse of the global financial system is the most forecast collapse on the web
57ENGFiona Hill on Trump,
Putin and populism
Julian Borger2020Fiona Hill was the White House’s top Russia
expert catapulted to fame by Trump’s
FionaA knowledgeable, respectable and respected expert
58DEUChina gräbt halb Asien das
Wasser ab
Arne Perras2020China has a long history of not giving a damn about their neighbours…WasserWant a proof? They are not eben members of the Mekong River Commission
59ENGIs India a military
superpower or a
Paper Tiger?
Alex Gatopoulos2021After decades of underinvestment, India’s military forces
have been in decline…
India military… but it
isn’t all bad news for the
60ENGTen computer codes
that transformed science
Jeffrey M. Perkel2021From Fortran to…Codes
61ENGSoil Carbon StorageTodd A. Ontl & Lisa A. Schulte2021A completely underrated and neglected option for carbon storageSoil CarbonIf only CoP delegates knew anything about science…
62ENGThe Tyranny Of TimeJoe Zadeh2021The clock is deeply political, benefitting some and marginalizing othersClockThis is amply covered elsewhere in this blog
63ENGThe snitchJordan Michael Smith2021A true story of cops and snitchesSnitchHow can one be sure of the loyalty of snitches?
64ENGKremlin papers appear to
show Putin’s plot to put
Trump in White House
Luke Harding, Julian Borger and
Dan Sabbagh
suggest Russia
launched secret multi-agency effort
to interfere in US democracy
Kremlin… as if Trump were not enough to undermine US democracy!
65FRALa femme la plus
recherchée de Grande-
Bretagne a blanchi un
milliard de livres sterling
et a disparu dans la
Lydia Spencer-Elliott2021The story of Sarah PanitzkeSarahUnfortunately, she was arrested in June 2022. See the story on The guardian
66FRAGestion du Covid 19:
deux clans, deux visions
Bernard Sellier2021Petit survol
synthétique des nouveaux
conflits créés par la COVID
SellierDu bon et du n’ importe quoi
67ENGThe metapolitics of the noosphereWilliam Irwin Thompson2016MetapoliticsSome people cast their net so wide that they catch mostly thin air
68ENGThe Brain Doesn’t
Think the Way You
Think It Does
Jordana Cepelewicz2021Brain
69ENGPro-PRC Influence
Campaign Expands to
Dozens of Social Media
Platforms, Websites, and
Ryan Serabian, Lee Foster2021PRCThe Chinese try to control people also outside of China.
70ENGA theory of my own mindStephen M Fleming2021Self-awareness is not necessarily straightforward…Mind
71ENGThe World’s Most Famous
Private Detective Makes No
Simon Shuster2021The world’ s most famous detective is called Jules KrollKrollYou will be forgiven if you grew up believing the most famous detective was Belgian
72ENGPeter Thiel’s Origin StoryMax Chafkin2021A Silicon Valley Guru with an ideologyThielWhether you like him or not makes no difference!
73ENGSlavery en familleEmma Rothschild2021SlaveryDivisions between social categories can be porous
74ENGHow to pray to a dead god?Ed Simon2021God
remains dead. But our need for
transcendence lives on
Dead god
75ENGHow disruptions happenDavid Potter2021Major disruptions in world history
follow a clear pattern
DisruptionIs the pattern relevant for future disruptions ?
76FRAL’erreur avec le lit de soins
Michael Schilliger2021COVID, encore!ErreurLe titre dit erreur mais on aurait pu dire horreur
77FRAA lieu de nous acharner,
apprenons à nous contenter
d’être des amateurs
Xenia Hanusiakis2022Amateurs
78ENGEvolution ‘Landscapes’
Predict What’s Next for
Carrie Arnold2022The method hints at how the pandemic might progress LandscapeDon’t be fooled: this is old ecological thinking that applies well beyond current fashions
Cretan code
Ester Salgarella2022Can
linguistic analysis unlock the
meaning of Linear A?
LinearAInteresting reading, burt don’ t expect a breakthrough
Surveillance State
Isabelle Qian, Muyi Xiao, Paul
Mozur and Alexander Cardia
2022A Times investigation based on over 100,000 government bidding
XispyingXi is obviously far more ambitious than Google
81FRA, ENGUne approche
philosophique du deuil peut
être source de consolation
Michael Cholbiis2022La tristesse ou le chagrin
qui sont au cœur du deuil sont probablement nécessaires
religion without belief
can still make
perfect sense
Philip Goff2022Religion is about more than just beliefBelief
83ENGSilphionTaras Grescoe2022Can an old Roman spice be resurrected?SilphionPossibly a case of de-extinction
84FRARhododendronField Museum2022Rhododendrons treat pollinators wellRhododendron
85ENGLongtermismJ Oliver Conroy2022How longtermists see the future…Longtermism… and what they want to do with it.
86ENGYuri Knorozov: The
Maverick Scholar Who
Cracked The Maya Code
Coilin O’Connor2022A very likeable genius!Knorozovand I like his cat too…
87FRASpinoza et le Dieu qui peut tout
Alain Gervais Ndoba
2020Le Dieu de Spinoza suit les lois de la nature… Spinoza… ce qui le différencie des hommes de pouvoir.
88ENGAlexander von HumboldTom Niziol2020I started admiring A von Humbold and his linguist brother when I was a teenager…Humbold… and I still do!

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