SITEMAP – Map of the Eifel Weddings Project (Provisional)

The list of currently planned chapters is provided by this sitemap. Chapter numbers are difficult to handle as I keep adding, splitting and merging sections. I have therefore eventually opted for chapter Labels and added an internal variable ODT (Ordre de tri, Sorting order) to ensure that on the Eifel “frontpage” the sections are listed in a reasonably logical order.

Chapter labelTitleFeatured imageODTLinkWas chapter…
SITEMAPMap of the “Eifel Weddings” Project11SITEMAP
INTROIntroduction to Project “Eifel Weddings”13INTRO1
Image: 1910 wedding of Johann Leonhard Gommes (+1921) and Maria Agnes Mathar (+1928) , both from Küchelscheid, now Belgium.
EXTENTThe Project’s area, database and the “Project hull”15EXTENT2
LOCATIONSLocating places and sampling the database17LOCATIONS3
LUCLIM1885 Land use and population, and 1961-90 climate21LUCLIM6
TYPOLTypology of Registry office districts (Standesambezirk) based on scale-independent variables22TYPOL6
VARENVEnvironmental variables over timeSource:
Image source
HISTA time of moving boundaries and variable weather!25HIST5
WEDNUMNumber of weddings year by year30WEDNUM6
EMIGNumbers and timing of emigration 32EMIG6
Featured image: La Jeune femme au baluchon, 1920 painting by Firmin Baes; Source: click
RUREXTiming of rural exodus33RUREXFeatured image: image modified from; original source ubknown
ABSORAbsolute origin of spouses35ABSOR7
RELORRelative origin of spouses40RELOR8
WEDWEEKWedding season45WEDWEEK9
WEDDAYWedding weekday50WEDDAY10
DATADownloadable list of data Data60DATA12
METHODSSome time consuming but necessary data processing explained 65METHODS
CONSUMConclusions and Summary75CONSUM11
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